2023 D1Baseball All-America Teams


D1Baseball Player of the Year Paul Skenes is one of three standouts from national champion LSU on the 2023 D1Baseball All-America teams. Skenes and teammate Dylan Crews are the only two players to earn All-America honors each of the last three years. Both of them were second-teamers as freshmen in 2021, and both made the first team in 2022 and 2023. They are joined by LSU third baseman Tommy White, who moves up from the third team as a freshman last year to the second team as a sophomore.

Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford, Southern Miss ace Tanner Hall, and Miami closer Andrew Walter are the only other repeat members of the first team, along with Skenes and Crews. Florida the College World Series runner-up, joined LSU with two players on the first team (Langford and national home run leader Jac Caglianone). The Gators have four All-Americans in all, with shortstop Josh Rivera and righthander Hurston Waldrep landing on the second team.

No. 1 national seed and CWS semifinalist Wake Forest leads all teams with six All-Americans in all and three players on the first team. Third baseman Brock Wilken and starting pitchers Josh Hartle and Rhett Lowder cracked the first team, while first baseman Nick Kurtz, righty Seth Keener and lefty Sean Sullivan all made the second team.

CWS participant Stanford landed two players on the first team (outfielder Alberto Rios plus ace lefty Quinn Mathews) plus another on the third team (third baseman Tommy Troy). Maryland also has three All-Americans, led by first-teamer Matthew Shaw. Miami, Oral Roberts and South Carolina placed two players apiece on the All-America teams.

D1Baseball editors and national writers selected the All-America teams.

First Team

CKyle Teel, Virginia.407/.475/.6551.1302586725137032365
1BNolan Schanuel, Florida Atlantic.444/.612/.8641.47619870181964711414
2BJJ Wetherholt, West Virginia.449/.517/.7821.29922567231660262235
3BBrock Wilken, Wake Forest.345/.506/.8071.3132389015318269581
SSMatthew Shaw, Maryland.341/.445/.6971.14226480202469434218
OFDylan Crews, LSU.426/.567/.7131.28025810016187071466
OFWyatt Langford, Florida.373/.498/.7841.2822368328215756448
OFAlberto Rios, Stanford.384/.485/.7071.1912426924187338425
DHJac Caglianone, Florida.322/.388/.7351.1222837414339017584
UTCaden Grice, Clemson.307/.411/.6181.0292286015186730744
SPTanner Hall, Southern Miss1242.4818180112.18433124.207
SPJosh Hartle, Wake Forest1122.8118170102.19124140.237
SPRhett Lowder, Wake Forest1401.8719190120.19024143.208
SPQuinn Mathews, Stanford1043.7519180124.211640158.245
SPPaul Skenes, LSU1321.6919190122.27220209.165
RPTyson Neighbors, Kansas State511.852501148.2221686.134
RPAndrew Walters, Miami401.23280114429772.179
UTCaden Grice, Clemson813.31414073.25433101.196

Second Team

CLuke Shliger, Maryland.336/.523/.5821.10523293241152695614
1BNick Kurtz, Wake Forest.353/.527/.7841.3111907610246963505
2BMax Anderson, Nebraska.410/.457/.7661.2242445120217020290
3BNick Lorusso, Maryland.379/.446/.7651.21126474202610534463
SSJosh Rivera, Florida.348/.447/.6171.06425670101972463518
OFCharlie Condon, Georgia.386/.484/.8001.2842106110256633450
OFJonah Cox, Oral Roberts.412/.470/.6461.11627769161168305328
OFChase Davis, Arizona.362/.489/.7421.2312217117217443400
DHTommy White, LSU.377/.435/.7291.16427364242410523410
UTTJ Fondtain, San Diego State.272/.362/.517.87915123893511422
SPLucas Gordon, Texas722.6319170102.28534103.226
SPSeth Keener, Wake Forest822.69238170.1412094.167
SPHagen Smith, Arkansas823.641811271.25642109.217
SPHurston Waldrep, Florida834.1619190101.28557156.228
SPTrey Yesavage, East Carolina712.6116141765323105.192
RPCade Denton, Oral Roberts311.833501564481586.211
RPSean Sullivan, Wake Forest532.451710169.24321111.175
UTTJ Fondtain, San Diego State742.821515092.2642599.192

Third Team

CCole Messina, South Carolina.306/.427/.6121.0392326218176540488
1BBrock Vradenburg, Michigan State.400/.492/.7211.2132156222136936341
2BTravis Bazzana, Oregon State.374/.500/.6221.12223878201155594736
3BTommy Troy, Stanford.392/.476/.6961.17225076171758354217
SSJacob Wilson, Grand Canyon.411/.461/.6351.09619241176611958
OFCam Fisher, Charlotte.347/.505/.8091.31422572143066646410
OFEthan Petry, South Carolina.376/.471/.7331.2042215510237533594
OFJoe Redfield, Sam Houston.402/.485/.6831.16824981191556343415
DHYohandy Morales, Miami.408/.475/.7131.1872405813206630557
UTPayton Tolle, Wichita State.311/.361/.538.898212329135018531
SPDiego Barrera, Loyola Marymount822.171414099.2801193.219
SPConnor Fenlong, Indiana State1033.4517160114.2933176.222
SPGrant Rogers, McNeese1211.8215150103.2781888.210
SPJoseph Whitman, Kent State922.5615150816329100.213
SPNico Zeglin, Long Beach State8421515094.26727117.202
RPSimon Miller, UTSA812.32701270.1671881.246
RPFran Oschell III, Duke600.69220039.1181866.133
UTPayton Tolle, Wichita State934.621515085.2811997.245