Fall Report: Cal State Fullerton

Fall Report

FULLERTON, Calif. — This is weird. Like a entire generation gap worth of weird. As in, one year you’re jamming to Bel Biv Devoe and then it’s like you wake up from a coma and you’re digging Post Malone.

Hang on, let me explain. See, prior to last year, the last time Cal State Fullerton’s baseball program sat at home in the month of June was in 1991. Fullerton finished the 2019 season with a very unTitan-like 27-26 record and left off of the list of teams who made the Field of 64.

That’s 27 years in a row of making the NCAAs. Then… insert SFX of record scratch. (oh wait, sorry, google that sound effect youngin’s)

The 27 wins also broke a string of 44 consecutive years where the Titans won 30-plus games. Well, don’t be surprised if the Titans start a few new streaks this coming spring. Although their very matter-of-fact head coach Rick Vanderhook likes to downplay his teams like Bear Bryant, things do point to a better 2020 despite having some holes to fill in the batting order and in the field.

When I saw coach Vanderhook at the Area Code Games this past August he told me flatly, “We stink… we stink.” But when I saw him last week before their fall scrimmage vs. UC San Diego, he sounded much more upbeat about his charges.

“Every year, every team has to set their own legacy,” Vanderhook told me before that game. “You can follow on the heels of whoever you choose but you yourself have to determine what you’re going to be. You don’t win just because the previous year’s team did or didn’t.”

“I like this team,” Hook said. “I like the way they work. And to be honest they really like each other too. They are a very close team. And most of all I feel really good about the pitching.”

Again, Hook always tells it like it is. Which is just beautiful.

Check out our full Fullerton report below!


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