Andrew Beckwith, Coastal Carolina

Andrew Beckwith and Coastal look to rebound this weekend. (Mandy Sorenson)


Fall Report: Coastal Carolina

Fall Report

CONWAY, S.C. — You can still feel the afterglow of Coastal Carolina’s magical run to the national championship when you visit Springs Brooks Stadium this fall. Conversations with the Chanticleer staff feature a lot of serene, proud smiles and still-incredulous head-shaking — you get the feeling these guys pinch themselves every morning just to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.

When I visited Conway for scout day recently, a number of last year’s stars who have moved on to pro ball were still lounging around the dugouts, chatting easily with their old teammates. Then you spot CWS Most Outstanding Player Andrew Beckwith and fellow CCU postseason heroes Alex Cunningham and Bobby Holmes — and they’re all still wearing the black and teal. Then it truly hits you: These guys are gonna be really good again.

“They’re just such great kids too — they really are,” Coastal coach Gary Gilmore said of his returning veteran pitchers. “Now, you don’t hit a hundred and something home runs and not miss it, because I think we lost like 80 in the draft and graduation. So we’re gonna feel it in some ways, but I like this group, it’s gonna be OK. That camaraderie, makeup piece that we had, that was also developed over four and five years’ time with several of those guys. It’s hard to make that happen instantly.”


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