2017 Top 350 College Prospects


With the college baseball season upon us, scouting directors and their staffs have held their preseason draft meetings, and put together preliminary ideas on identifying the top prospects in the nation. For the prospects themselves, this spring could be looked at, in many ways, as the final leg of their lengthy evaluation process. Scouting departments cast a wide net this time of year and consider all possibilities from all corners of the draft landscape.

With the college game as strong as ever, there’s also as much depth of professional caliber talent available to scouts as we’ve seen in recent years. It looks like it may be a stronger class than the one we saw in 2016, and while this is not to say that the 2017 draft class stacks up with past crops that laid claim to staggering amounts of future big league stars, it does appear to have potential impact stars at the top of the heap. What this crop is littered with is a truckload of potential future quality big leaguers, namely on the pitching side of things, where this class is particularly deep. With that in mind, D1Baseball.com has compiled a list of 350 of the very best prospects that college baseball has to offer, from stars at powerhouse programs like Florida, North Carolina, or Vanderbilt to sleepers at lesser known programs like Furman or Xavier. There is that much quality in college baseball at the moment, and each of these 350 players will receive heavy scouting attention this spring

Much will change as the season gets underway, and with a list of 350 players, there will be significant variation of opinion. This list represents a consensus obtained through thorough research, polling coaches and scouts from all parts of the country, and a heavy influence from the scouting observations of our lead writers Frankie Piliere, Aaron Fitt, and Kendall Rogers.

Throughout the spring, you can track the progress of all of these top 350 college prospects right here, as well as keep tabs on newly emerging talent that are sure to jump on the radar screen as the spring progress.


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