D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings: TCU, Florida, Ole Miss Headline Climbers

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Arkansas maintained its grip on the No. 1 spot in the D1Baseball Top 25 rankings for the fourth week in a row after winning a road series at LSU, keeping the Hogs unbeaten in weekend series this season. Vanderbilt held steady at No. 2 despite losing two of three on the road at rival Florida. The preseason No. 1 Gators returned to the top 10, climbing four spots from No. 14.

TCU moved up two spots to No. 3 after a 4-0 week, putting the Horned Frogs all alone atop the Big 12 standings. Texas, which had been tied for first place entering the week, lost two of three at home against Texas Tech, dropping the Longhorns three spots to No. 6 in the rankings. The Red Raiders climbed three places to No. 8.

Mississippi State leapt over Tennessee to take the No. 4 spot, as the Bulldogs swept Texas A&M while the Vols posted a 2-2 week. UT slipped just one spot to No. 5. Seventh-ranked Notre Dame (up one place after sweeping North Carolina) and ninth-ranked Arizona (up three slots after sweeping Utah to grab sole possession of first place in the Pac-12) round out the top 10.

The biggest riser this week is Ole Miss, which vaulted seven spots to No. 12 after sweeping then-No. 13 South Carolina. The Gamecocks slid six rungs to No. 19. Other big fallers include Louisville (down eight to No. 15 after getting swept at Clemson) and Charlotte (down eight to No. 23 after dropping three of four at Old Dominion, which climbs to No. 22 by securing a split of the eight-game season series against the 49ers).

Two teams enter the rankings this week. Indiana checks in at No. 24 after winning a big series against Iowa to move into sole possession of first place in the Big Ten. And preseason No. 2 UCLA returns to the rankings at No. 25 after taking two of three from Oregon State. Nebraska and UC Irvine fall out of the Top 25.

D1Baseball editors and national writers determine the Top 25 rankings. Records are through games of May 2.

Rank Team Overall Record Record Last Week Previous Rank
1 Arkansas 34-8 2-1 1
2 Vanderbilt 32-9 1-2 2
3 TCU 33-10 4-0 5
4 Mississippi State 32-10 3-0 6
5 Tennessee 34-11 2-2 4
6 Texas 35-11 2-2 3
7 Notre Dame 24-8 4-0 8
8 Texas Tech 30-11 3-1 11
9 Arizona 30-11 3-0 12
10 Florida 30-13 2-1 14
11 Oregon 27-11 3-2 9
12 Ole Miss 31-12 3-0 19
13 East Carolina 30-9 2-2 10
14 Louisiana Tech 32-11 4-0 16
15 Louisville 23-14 0-3 7
16 Stanford 24-9 2-2 18
17 Pittsburgh 20-11 0-0 17
18 Florida State 23-16 3-1 20
19 South Carolina 26-15 1-3 13
20 Southern Miss 29-14 3-1 23
21 Gonzaga 27-13 1-0 21
22 Old Dominion 31-11 3-1 25
23 Charlotte 31-14 2-3 15
24 Indiana 20-9 2-1 NR
25 UCLA 25-14 2-1 NR
Dropped Out
  Nebraska 20-10 0-3 22
  UC Irvine 26-14 2-2 24

82 responses to “D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings: TCU, Florida, Ole Miss Headline Climbers”

  1. Southern Miss bats are heating up and pitching is dominating. Love to see such a young team maturing into a complete team.

  2. Looking like y’all are thinking Louisiana Tech is back in that hosting zone. Gotta love it. HBTD

    • Same, Dan. But I think Ark and Vandy had done enough separating from the rest of the pack prior to to keep them in place (and Texas didn’t help their cause). I actually think it would be healthy for them to drop a few spots to get that hunger back. I know they’re in the middle of finals, but they look a bit lethargic. And we gotta get Leiter back to being lights out. Having to rely on a win on Sundays is catching up to us with a relief squad that is clearly struggling.

      • No hitter early on might be catching up….was really surprised Corbin threw him that deep that day

    • A few good individual performances, but mostly disappointing baseball from both teams.

      • From Leiter, possibly but the Gators can score.. And I think Arkansas shows almost no weakness.. Imo

    • I agree – if I’m not mistaken, that’s the 2nd weekend series that Vandy has lost. Arkansas has lost none so far. If they drop Arkansas after their first weekend series loss (if any), then they’ll have some explaining to do.

      • Yes, we lost to an unranked UGA as well. They won’t drop Arkansas. You’ve got UGA, UT and UF coming up. We’ve played them all. UT will give you fits (we beat them, but they were naggy and scrappy), but you should be able to win all of those.

    • Why??..body of work is actually a thing..strength of opponent is actually a thing and the other teams ranked in the top 5 had losses as well against a few teams that were not nearly as good at home as Florida is.. Florida is pretty hot ATM..and they should be given due credit; not just bashing of vandy.. Imo

    • It’s that strength of schedule in the SEC. Anyone else drops 2/3 to a Florida team that got manhandled by Miami would fall out of the Top 25. Vanderbilt is good for the ratings.

    • Yeah, early, but that was a head-scratcher. When we (Miss. State) went 1-2 at #2 Vandy, we were dropped 2 spots despite going 2-2 since the last poll witch included 1 of our wins vs then #12 Ole Miss. Now Vandy goes 1-2, losing to then #14 UF and they don’t drop at all? I know these decisions are not made in a vacuum, but one would think if #2 can lose a series to #14 and not drop, then where is the logic in dropping then #4 for losing a series 1-2 at #2? Should #2 at home be expected to win a series vs #4, but also be expected to win a series at #14?

  3. Oh boy, the weekly chat is going to be fun, especially since Vandy didn’t drop, and Tennessee dropped despite winning their weekend series.

    • Pretty sure Vandy’s 13-4 record against top 25 rpi teams has a little bit to do with the fact that they didn’t drop along with the fact that Florida is coming on strong and will likely end up being a team to be reckoned with come June.

    • Don’t worry – they’ll be here! I come here to see who is whining about what every week.

      • That’s because you’re subjective on the topic, I’m not, they should’ve dropped, smh…end of discussion

        • Drop below teams with more loses that they have already beaten? Makes sense. But lets face reality. Vandy has been playing with a lot of injuries and have still been winning. Only Arkansas and Notre Dame have less loses.Also, Florida was the pre-season number 1 and are getting hot.

          But here is the bottom line. This is just a weekly poll that means nothing in the grand scheme. Why do the same whiners come here week after week crying about a poll? It will be decided in Omaha.

          • Exactly and it’s just nonsense from the original poster..and every week same whiners.. Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

            • I generally don’t bitch and moan Jon, I’m not like many of the posters on this forum in that I don’t have a team, no school, no real horse in the race; I’m from the northeast where we hardly have college ball, but I still love the game and really enjoy the college level, I recognize great talent and truly believe Corbin and Vandy have built a terrific program, I’ve been to Hoover, Durham, most of the ACC school locations to see games, many of the SEC, a few Big 12 and even two PAC schools when my travels permit, find I like college more than MLB where I have travelled to all 30 facilities and orgs in years past. I’m VERY objective, injuries do not merit a team a holding place in the standings, and I agree that polls are largely irrelevant come early June, but they are a measuring stick of where a team is at the moment, Vandy has lost two series, should’ve dropped, not much, but still should’ve dropped. You kind of repeat yourself from my observation…

            • You still dont get it. It’s about selling advertisements and the SEC does that. The bias is begins with ESPN (who owns the SEC network BTW) talking up the SEC nonstop. What ESPN and the NCAA have done is built the concept of league branding with the SEC. So if LSU doesnt make the CWS and Miss St does, all the LSU fans still watch to support the SEC – it sells advertisements. All of these polls and talk on ESPN is to ensure 2-3 SEC teams end up in Omaha. Period. Paragraph

            • Maybe you’re right, but I’m not anti-SEC, in fact, I DO think it is the strongest conference top to bottom in baseball, and it’s really competitive. I love watching their teams go at it cuz it’s probably about the best ball in college, but I also think there are some other darn good orgs out there that can—and likely will—give them a hard run for their money in June. Vandy’ s really good, but it does look like they get more running board than other clubs some times, I call it the legacy effect, which is what we saw in the early season rankings; UCLA had to be beaten multiple times before they finally dropped out, tho I still don’t discount them or OSU making Omaha. It’s all about staying out of the loser’s bracket in the regionals, and there’s plenty of teams that can gel and win game one if they get a good regional to work w/. I still think TCU probably should’ve leap-frogged Vandy this week, tho it really doesn’t matter. Just an observation I made the mistake of posting for this thin skinned SEC crowd to go off on me about…

            • Wow, this is really ignorant…if you really think the other four conferences in the Power 5 would allow the NCAA to favor the SEC over the others, you’re delusional. If you think the ACC would partner with ESPN in the ACC Network, or Texas with the Longhorn Network, while ESPN blatantly favored hated rivals in the SEC, you’ve been blinded by conference-envy. The reasons LSU fans will watch Miss. State in the CWS are either that the baseball is better in the SEC, or they want to see MSU choke.

            • Hey Don, have you been to Dudy Noble at Mississippi State? Hope you had a chance to go both before and after the “modernization” of the “Left Field Lounge”.

              The newest version is almost assuredly the best in college baseball. The oldest was always at least one-of-the-best. Left Field Lounge before the make it an official seating area was the best, IMO, and unique to baseball. But it was a lawsuit waiting to happen as it was most decidedly not structurally sound or safe. Hated to see it go, but the university did a decent job of capturing as much of its essence as it could. Lost much of its character, but it’s still awesome.

          • I don’t come here every week to cry about a poll, just made an observation that seemed to upset your very subjective viewpoint,

          • Gotta whine while you can. Once things get serious later on most of the whiner’s teams will be sitting at home watching the teams in Omaha. Some, I’m sure, will still be whining about the polls keeping their team out of the CWS.

          • I’d bet you a hundred to one neither Vandy nor Arkansas will dog-piling come June 30, just a sneaky feeling I have, tourneys are lethal to top ranked teams….

            • Weekly hating on the dominant SEC.. Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..more weekly whining from you in about 7 days..

            • You’re redundant Jon, kind of arrogant too, no wonder the rest of the conference can’t stand you guys down in Hoover.

        • Exactly.. I am a gator fan..I wish my UF team was higher..’s the body of work..look at the whole picture.. And it’s not even an argument..SEC is by far the top conference, and as of today, Ark and Vandy are the 2 best in the SEC.. Obviously, there are 3 more SEC series for each team..also, the other teams ranked also lost..except for TCU and thus TCU earned their jump up..pretty simple actually..

    • Not likely going to happen. TTU is 5 games back in the Big 12. Their only shot is if they jump Texas in the standings. They have a good shot to host though

  4. How many games does Vanderbilt have to lose before dropping from the No. 2 spot? Just asking.

    • Yeah, because NO other team in the Top 25 lost any games at all this week.. Oh..Wait..Nevermind..

    • If they keep losing they will drop….but right now they have a 13-4 record against the top 25 rpi ….no one besides Arkansas is even close to that. Just who you put in front of them…Tennessee and Miss St are both great teams that lost their series to Vandy and just don’t think there is a realistic other #2 as of right now.

      • Full disclaimer, I’m a VFL.
        That 13-4 vs rpi is embellished a bit (2) by WrightSt. (only t25 w/0 q1W’s)
        Stretch it to top30 and we get 4 W’s up to 10 (Strange that Fla doesnt count t25)
        You beat us head2head, tiebreaker……but those are used to break ties, right?
        1 series loss to #2(?) is way better than 2 series losses to #14 and #36(?).
        Vandy Q1/2 total – 15-8. TN Q1/2 total – 24-10.
        Vandy Q3/4 total – 17-1. TN Q3/4 total – 10-1 SoS advantage = TN.
        Lies, damn lies and statistics…..i watch the games too.
        The question lies as to what is being ranked, potential, achievements, eye tests and or a combination. I truly think Vandy is better on a daily basis, no doubt.
        We get 3 more weeks to watch em play 3 series and try to grab the best seed.
        I’m glad TN has improved and competes now, our ranking is irrelevant but i want my cake and eat it too.

        • If only the other SEC haters here would just keep your perspective.. Lots of great baseball left to play.. Why do they have to whine every single week??

      • Vandy lost a series to then #14 UF. Using your logic, I suppose that means UF is better than Vandy, right? If none of Vandy’s opponents that have lost a series to Vandy can ever surpass them in the rankings, what do you do about UF?

  5. Another great job by the D1 folks.. As always, well thought out poll..showing their continued expertise..

  6. watch out for ole miss finally getting healthy.just wiped the floor with south carolina .Im calling it right now.Ole miss going to Omaha and getting at least to the last 4

    • Bob, as an Ole Miss fan, I certainly hope you’re right…but even w/ an impressive home sweep (though not a floor•wiping) over an SC team that has performed miserably on the road, there are plenty of reasons for caution, if not for concern. To name just the most glaring, we have only 2 starting pitchers we can trust and only one truly trustworthy arm out the pen, along w/ a true freshman who looks promising. I will be holding my breath every time Bianco goes to the pen for the rest of the season.

      • Bianco has clearly done a great job at OM building the program. However, with one exception, y’all always seem to fold near the end of each season. I suspect it is partly because Bianco tends to pitch your best starting pitchers way too much during the season, so they are arm-weary just when you need them to be at their best.

        • I think there’s a lot of clubs that do that, sometimes just because of limited options, sometimes because of stubborn propensities. I have heard and read Bianco is a hard ass and not the easiest to play for, old school, so that’s quite possible. There’s a lot of MLB teams that really hate to see good caliber guys go to certain schools because they know the college level coaches don’t always foster the arms they’ve been Blessed with with the best care.

  7. Where is Baylor sitting? I’m guessing the low 30s? The final 3 Big 12 series will be big for them.

  8. That powerhouse Vandy just lost big to Louisville tonight 7-2. Time to move them to #1!


  9. Florida took series at Vandy……”Wow, Fla is hot”
    TN wins series vs Fla……………”Previous #1 team struggles”
    Vandy loses series to Fla……….”Holds steady at #2, Fla is hot”
    TN loses series to Vandy………..New top 5 as Vandy wins”

    Question: When TN beats Arkansas, how far will they fall?
    Answer: 2 spots…..cause Arkansas and Vandy cant fall 🙂

    • Not sure about Arkansas, because they haven’t created a reason to fall yet. They’ve lost ZERO weekend series. TN needs to get past Missouri first….LOL. Then they can worry about Arkansas.

      • I was making fun of things so far this season……..i was just looking ahead and wondering how things will fall aft the TN/ARK series. TN only has 1 series loss (V) and it would be Ark first……will TN fall if they lose to #1? Will Vandy drop to 3 when TN wins? Winning solves the problem most often, GBO/VFL

  10. Only 3 more weeks of whining over who is ranked where and then we can get on with the regionals and settle all of the meaningless bickering on the field. I can’t wait….hope to see some of you in Nashville on the road to Omaha.

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