Projected Field Of 64: May 27

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Here’s how we size up the at-large candidates as of Thursday morning, listed from safest to least safe on our ladder:


60. Indiana

61. LSU

62. North Carolina

63. Louisville

64. California


65. Alabama

66. Long Beach State

67. Baylor

68. Oklahoma

69. San Diego

D1Baseball Projected Field of 64: May 27
1. Arkansas* (1)1. Louisiana Tech* (16)
4. Oral Roberts*4. South Alabama*
2. Oklahoma State2. Florida State
3. California3. LSU
1. Vanderbilt (2)1. Gonzaga* (15)
4. Norfolk State*4. Northeastern*
2. Maryland2. Nebraska*
3. Louisville3. Oregon State
1. Texas* (3)1. Florida (14)
4. Lehigh*4. Wofford*
2. UCLA2. Miami
3. Pittsburgh3. Fairfield*
1. Arizona* (4)1. East Carolina* (13)
4. Grand Canyon*4. Campbell*
2. Connecticut*2. NC State
3. UC Santa Barbara3. Georgia
1. Tennessee (5)1. Ole Miss (12)
4. VCU*4. Southeast Missouri State*
2. Georgia Tech2. Southern Miss
3. Liberty*3. North Carolina
1. Notre Dame* (6)1. Oregon (11)
4. Central Michigan*4. Bryant*
2. South Carolina2. Michigan
3. Indiana3. Virginia
1. Texas Tech (7)1. TCU (10)
4. Abilene Christian*4.Wright State*
2. Arizona State2. Charlotte
3. Indiana State3. Dallas Baptist*
1. Mississippi State (8)1. Stanford (9)
4. Southern*4. Stony Brook*
2. Old Dominion2. UC Irvine*
3. Duke3. Nevada*

89 responses to “Projected Field Of 64: May 27”

  1. Hmm Huskers now in Spokane regional. Why the change? Fewer west coast teams? 3 conference champions projected in that regional. So much fun to be had ☺️

    • If they win 1 of the next 2 they will be a, just enjoy the run in the SEC tournament.. Just sayin’

      • that they are not going to pay much attention to the RPI, which is a good idea, because if you look at the RPI list of the top 25, it is a real head-scratcher. Unless Louisville blows their early 4-0 lead vs. Ga. Tech, they are in, no matter what happens after the Ga Tech game. I think if Alabama wins one more, they are in. Beating Florida today will be tough, would do it for sure, but so would one more win. They may make it if they drop the next two, hard to tell what the NCAA will do for those last 5 picks. One side of the SEC bracket produced the first game this season between Ark and VU, tonight at 9 pm EDT. Should be a good one, expect to see Rocker tonight, think Coach Corbin gambled, and it paid off, with Little starting the Ole Miss game, and really doing well. That gives him Rocker and Leiter for the next two games. Appears Jack has corrected that flat slider that he had vs. FL, and I think Ole Miss was the other recent SEC game where he was hit hard, same issue. When he gets vertical, with his slider, he is really tough, but that table-top slider, where it stays only on the horizontal plane was causing him a lot of trouble.

        Tough to have a good RPI this year in the ACC, not getting much bump when they have won, just not the usual quality teams this year in the ACC. Maybe the ACC can regain some respect in the next 3 weeks, we’ll see.

        Last, I have no clue why Cal-Berkeley would be in, they are not very good, in a weaker than usual PAC 12. Am sure they must win 2 of 3 this weekend to be in, need to check their opponent, see if that is likely.

        • Yep…perfect example of the RPI being flawed is Fairfield having an RPI of 2. And it’s also a perfect example that the NCAA doesn’t just use RPI when you see that Fairfield is projected as only a 3-seed, despite their RPI.

      • Yes, I am losing respect for d1 and I agree bama should be in. Baseball America got them in among 10 SEC teams from the toughest conference in the country, projected 10 acc teams a joke.

      • RPI is not everything…You still need to win. Alabama’s relatively high RPI is mainly the result of “good” losses.
        They had a 12-17 conference record and an unimpressive 29-22 overall record during the regular season. They’re 8-16 against quad-1 opponents. Beating Tennessee again in the tourney tomorrow would certainly boost their chances. But I think Tennessee beats them, and Alabama is done for the year.

    • Got swept at home in their last series, 12-17 in the conference, and not a real good overall record. They don’t really deseeve to get in at this point. Be glad they’re even on the bubble. If they make it to the semifinals of the SEC tourney, that may get them over the hump. I’m not so sure LSU deserves to get in either, but they finished strong the last fewxweeks of the regular season, and they probably will get in if there aren’t more than a couple of upset winners of conference tournaments.

    • Check the latest projections…They have your boys in now. But my projections say they’re not getting in.

    • No bubble team is wanting to see Fairfield lose in their conference tournament.. They are very close to a lock

  2. That East Carolina regional will be difficult. I wouldn’t want to play UGA or NC State right now.

    • As a Mississippi State fan, I hope the committee puts more emphasis on regular season play when choosing eight national seeds.

      Yesterday’s loss to Florida was not surprising because our weekend starters were not used. Today, our better pitching was hit really hard…I know it was just one game, but it was a butt kicking by the better team.

      • Why shouldn’t S.E.C. tournament games be counted? The winner of the tourney gets the first automatic bid over the rest of the conference. MSU pitched their 3 best pitchers today against Tenn and got run-ruled. They pitched their 4th pitcher against Florida and got run-ruled. SO they pitched the 4 best pitchers and got run-ruled both times. MSU does not deserve o national seed, but with Cohen and TEMPLETON on the committee, I smell a rat.

        • Did you even read my comment?

          You bringing up Cohen and Templeton reeks of an Ole Miss Rebel, Black Bear, Land Shark reply. You should concentrate on getting your team back to the CWS for the SECOND time in 50 years.

        • Larry Templeton isn’t on the committee, and John Cohen won’t have any influence on State’s seeding. Leave the crazy conspiracy theories to QAnon.and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

      • I think they do put more emphasis on the whole body of work during the regular season. I’ve seen highly seeded teams lay an egg in their conference tournament in years past” and their seeding was seemingly unaffected. I think bubble teams doing really well in their conference tournament are rewarded more than good teams are punished for taking an early exit. And I doubt that margin of victory or loss has any influence at all. Having said all that, I think TCU could still jump into or above State’s spot if they win the Big-12 tournament, and push State out of the top 8.

    • they shouldn’t be even considered for a top 8 seed. Their quad 1 record isn’t on the same planet as Ole Miss, Tenn, Vandy and Arkansas. ole miss has the same record and a much better record against quad 1 teams. Ole miss has 18 top 50 wins. MSU has 12 top 50 wins. both teams have 40 wins. ole miss should be a national seed over MSU.

      • State has a better record and RPI, even with the two losses at the SEC Tournament.

        You failed mention State won 15 of the last 18 games…including 2 of 3 this year…over your team.

        • you failed to mention MSU got swept by Arkansas. TOP 8 SEED TEAMS DON’T GET SWEPT AND DON’T GET RUN RULED IN THE LAST 2 GAMES OF THE YEAR. You also failed to mention MSU’s sorry record against top 25 and top 50 RPI teams. Ole Miss has a lot better won-loss record than does MSU. Both teams have 20 conference wins and ole miss didn’t play 2 of the 3 sorriest teams in the league in Mizzou and KY. MSU PLAYED BOTH. You did win 2 out of 3 against Ole Miss but you were outscored and outhit by a huge margin and you played all 3 games on your home field. Case close. these are facts.

          • I gave you our head-to-head results…now our two losses at Hoover were to two highly ranked teams…your two wins are over a projected three seed, who’s beaten you two games this year, and one not making the field of 64. Go do your high fives on that…

            Do we deserve to be a top eight seed…probably not, but does your team deserve a top eight seed…definitely not.

          • Wayne…we played Missouri and lost 2 of 3. You played Texas A&M, who State swept, and lost 2 of 3. Those two teams are the only teams not making the SEC Tournament.

            You lost a weekend series to UCF and a mid-week game to (drum roll) TN-Martin. We avoided those failures.

            Both teams had opportunities to finish higher…but, didn’t.

            • did you avoid Tenn Martin by canceling the game? no team that fields and hits as poorly as MSU deserves a national seed. PERIOD

    • No. Look for Stanford & MSU to swap 8 & 9 seeds. Regular season home series loss to Mizzou plus 2 & BBQ in Hoover is not worthy of a national seed.

      • It’s actually more likely that TCU will take Mississippi State’s national seed, if they win the Big-12 tourney. Stanford should not be above State. The series loss to Missouri was tough, but it was followed by a sweep of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The two blowout losses in the SEC tourney sucked, but it was against two teams that will be #1 seeds in the regionals. Still shouldn’t have happened, but like Ron Polk used to say…That’s baseball. Those two bad weeks shouldn’t destroy the whole body of work during the season.

    • That’s a tough call. It probably depends on how Stanford and TCU finish out. If TCU wins the Big-12 tournament, I could see them replacing State in the top 8.

  3. La Tech as a host site? Absurd.

    RPI 25, SOS 56, tell me what they’ve done to earn a regional. And their stadium has just 1,322 fixed seats on top of having a resume that doesn’t rise to the level of hosting. Located between the bustling cities of Monroe and Shreveport, I just don’t see the draw.

      • If you absolutely had to replace La Tech with another CUSA school, Old Dominion is more deserving to host than either of those two.

        RPI 11, SOS 29, non-conf RPI 5, non-conf SOS 6, the Monarchs seem to be getting the shaft in this projection.

        • I understand your position but every conference has it flagship school in baseball. USM is it for now in CUSA. Remember Rice held that shot for years. If Tech had finished stronger I think they should host but I would give the nod to USM at this point.

        • They didn’t apply to host. But they do deserve a better seating. Great record. High RPI. Starting 9 all hitting all season.

      • Yeah, I have a feeling Ole Miss, MSST, and Southern Miss all host which would be great fir the state of Mississippi and Ole Miss won’t have to play Southern in their regional.

        • No way the NCAA gives a host site to a marginal So Miss team and thus puts three regionals in one small state. There are other schools who bid that are more deserving.

          • Name one more deserving than USM. If the thinking is CUSA gets one host site, and it certainly looks that way, USM is proving in Ruston who should get to host. And if not quite a “reserved” CUSA host site, the fact is that w/ the 20 predetermined possibilities, USM is really only competing w/ Ruston, Charlotte & Pittsburgh.

            • LMAO.

              South Carolina deserves it over any you named. RPI 18, SOS 5 while playing in hands down the best conference in college baseball this season. And they played ALL of the top teams in the SEC. Stadium seats over 8,000 in a state capital, what’s not to like as a host site vs. BFE, Mississippi?

            • We’ll see who’s laughing on Monday. I don’t care whether USM hosts or not…or if the earth opens and swallows Hattiesburg. Columbia is a great town…just too bad they don’t play better baseball there.

              If the committee does reward SC for its strong finish in the SEC, I hope USM is the 2 seed in Columbia.

            • Oh, I’m not predicting that SC gets the host, the NCAA is far too communist to award that many sites to the SEC, whether they are deserving or not.

              CUSA probably does wind up getting an “automatic” pity regional, despite being a weak sauce baseball conference. If the Gamecocks (or LSU, UGA, Bama) had been in that group of powerhouse programs this year, you’d need both hands to count the number of series sweeps they’d have won while running away with the conference championship.

      • Who said LA Tech wasn’t a great team? Hell they’ve been great all year long and come on man, it’s BASEBALL so anything can happen! (unless your Arkansas)

  4. Gonzaga as a host site? Ridiculous.

    RPI 22, SOS 71, another team being pumped up by D1 simply because they don’t want to project more deserving Power 5 teams. I’ll assume they put the Spokane minor league stadium as host site in their bid, as their park seats just 1,500.

      • Seems like the NCAA could’ve waited a little longer before they named those 20 sites. Charlotte and Pittsburgh certainly are no longer deserving hosts. In fact, the Panthers shouldn’t even be in the field of 64 with their sub .500 record in a weak ACC and their lousy end to the regular season, losing 7 straight and getting swept in back-to-back series.

        • Agreed completely with your post..which is just the opposite of the whiny posts above that ridicule the d1 folks given the current constraints that are already in place..the picks are not set in stone but given the CURRENT situation, they are not off the wall crazy..

        • Pitt (23 wins? Really?) and Louisville (RPI 64? Really?) are projected here because for some reason D1 has tried to prop up the ACC all the way down the stretch, and they’re stubbornly insistent that there are 10 NCAA-worthy teams from a conference that clearly had a down year.

          • Your only post in this thread with any reasoning that makes sense.. Maybe you can stop the whining in the future and actually make a coherent post like this one more often..of course I am certainly not counting on that..

          • Yeah, how bout the ACC play an actual FULL season? How bout they play some worthy competition like: MS State,Ole Miss, Arkansas, Florida, Vandy, Tennessee. Hell, the bottom tier SEC schools have better pitching and hitting than some of the ACC’s best! That’s not being a homer it’s just stats!

            • Not talking about expanding the field of 64. Just saying, when the NCAA announced potential host sites three weeks ago, with a lot of baseball left to play, why limit the possible sites to 20? A few teams have played well enough down the stretch to be considered…at least one team has played poorly and has been removed from consideration.

            • Agreed.. But..this is a pandemic.. And all I am saying is that next year will be more ‘normal’..honestly, as a sports fan, I am just thankful that we have sports to argue about.. Lol

  5. all right, where is my Ark buddy who proclaimed Wicklander and Kopps were the 2 best P’s in the SEC? Sure looked about the polar opposite of that with the 2 runs given up by Wicklander, then Kumar whiffing the first 3 Arkansas hitters just now. Thinking the scouts have it right. Wicklander, the lefty, looks good, just not great. Want to see Kopps. Should have by now, but somehow the games I saw this spring, he did not pitch in any. Plus, he’s a reliever, no way to compare him to Leiter, Rocker, or Wicklander. SP’s and relievers are just two different animals. Will likely have a comment on both P’s tonight in about 60-75 minutes, see how the next innings shake out. Any chance they are dimming the lights when the home team hits? Or does it just appear so?

    • Really man, Wicklander wasn’t great tonight but Kopps was great and didn’t throw nothing but off speed and had no hits in 3 innings. Only had 2 to come off the bat only to be easy ground outs. Kopps has true swing and Miss stuff against the 2nd best offense in the conference.

    • There’s a reason Kopps was selected SEC Pitcher of the Year…he has comparable IP as a starter, and with 11 Ws & 8 or 9 Saves, he’s impacted the outcomes of twice as many games as say Rocker.

      Very clever of you to notice that “they” were dimming the lights last night in Hoover whenever the home team (Arkansas) batted. They also made it rain – and doubled the price of Skittles – when the Hogs were at the plate.

  6. Glad to see Maryland get theirs.
    But Michigan still a 2, at this point, is questionable.
    Corn at Gonzaga. Fun. Husker fan support strong in Cali.
    Indiana needs a game or two at Maryland.

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